Rebuild Your Confidence

Our advanced technology reduces cost, makes surgery predictable, and will increase confidence in your new smile

Transparent Pricing

We provide multiple transparent financial pathways for Your Smile Choice patients. Learn about our approach to finances.

Predictable Surgery

Through the use of advanced technology we understand and plan around every aspect of your facial anatomical structure to ensure that your smile stays with you for life.

Increased Confidence

We remove the guesswork from your very first visit. Get to see your smile before you say yes to anything. Learn more here about how we can go from a selfie to your smile.

Every Patient Has A Great Story To Tell


“…went in one day and let him do his work, I woke up with a new smile”
“…Now, sometimes I smile too much, Life is good”

Je’ Pierre

“…I receive a whole lot of compliments on how nice they look…The soreness wasn’t there much and I’ve had a couple follow ups and they went very well and I’m looking forward to smiling!…”


“I was sick and in a world of hurt with my teeth, they took out all my teeth, I thought I would have pain and never even took a baby aspirin. It continued to get better and they feel just like my regular teeth”

George P.

“…It’s really nice to know I can smile and really express what’s in my heart. Pain wasn’t that bad, quite surprisingly. Nurses gave me several prescriptions but I really didn’t need them. They called me several times after the procedure to check on me…”

Your Smile Choice – the path to a confident new smile

Confidently Smiling Patients
National Doctors
Days to wait for Your Smile Choice

Your Smile Choice Doctors

Doctors who are highly trained in the Your Smile Choice process, technology and methodology. Your smile comes first.


All Patients Welcomed

It matters how much you dislike your smile. It matters more how much you will like your new confident smile. We can help every patient achieve this.


Advanced Technology

We will take comprehensive records of your head, neck, and face in order to design your best smile.

Immediate Emotional Impact

On day of surgery you will leave happy and confident with your new smile.

Your Dedicated Team

A dedicated team of professionals will work on your smile ensuring only the best product is delivered to you.


Flexible Payment Options

If needed we will work with you to find payment options for any budget. Our team of financial experts will help make your smile a reality.

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