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The Difference We Bring Will Make You Smile

Your Smile Choice is a life-changing decision that’s easy to make.

SmileWe work with patients who suffer on a daily level from broken smiles. This impacts their ability to eat the foods they want, the ability to talk clearly. It impacts how they feel about themselves and how they believe they are perceived by others. They are shy in social settings not because they have nothing to say but rather, they don’t want to be seen saying anything. If they are caught in a photograph, they either move to the back of the group, smile with closed mouth, or use a some sort of prop to cover the bottom part of their face. Many avoid photographs altogether. Many will even avoid looking for that special person in their life believing that no one will ever want to be with a person with a broken smile. And all of this eats away at their personal happiness, their self-confidence and their sense of self-worth. This is why Your Smile Choice is life changing – we give this all back to you. Let us explain.

Your Smile Choice is built upon three core concepts:

  • Personalize the solution
  • Make everything predictable
  • Keep costs down

1. Personalize the solution

Your Smile Choice is designed to ensure that you get the personalized solution that meets your needs and expectations. We do this across several factors:

  • We design your final smile to meet your needs and the anatomical requirements of your mouth.
  • We design every step of your surgery from your records up to ensure that all areas are considered
  • We design the smile to meet your concept of beauty – tell us what famous smiles you like and we can incorporate attributes

2. Make Everything Predictable

Most Your Smile Choice surgery is fully-guided oral surgery using the highest level of available technology. This means that no decision is left to the day of surgery and that all potential situations have been worked out well in advance of that important day. This is significant as many oral surgeries have been traditionally done in a freehand style, that is, completely dependent on the individual skill of the surgeon on the day of the surgery. We believe our computer controlled method consistently produces great smiles.

Your Smile Choice places a team in your corner that works with your doctor on the analysis, design, and manufacture of all surgical elements. We have 3D designers, oral material specialists, large group dental professionals as well as multiple levels of quality control.

Nothing about your case is left to chance or guesswork on the day of surgery.

3. Keep Costs down

By ensuring that all aspects of the Your Smile Choice surgery is predictable allows us to understand all surgical costs involved and we are constantly looking at methods at reducing them. We have become really good at this as we adapt newer technology and great efficiencies into our records collection, design, and financial analysis processes.

Once we have reduced all of our costs, we start working on reducing yours. We do this in one of two ways, depending on the state.

Medical Insurance / Medicare Reimbursement

In some states, and if your oral surgery is medically necessary, Your Smile Choice is able to seek medical reimbursement from major insurance companies / Medicare. Medical necessity must be diagnosed by a doctor and all of the appropriate patient records and paperwork must be submitted for the insurance company / Medicare to accept the submission. Every insurance is different and as such we cannot say in advance how much of your out-of-pocket costs would be covered. Many times the initial submission is rejected by your insurance company requiring Your Smile Choice to go back and fight on your behalf. This option is on a per-state basis and does not apply to all states/insurances.

Flat-Rate Up-Front Pricing

In states where we cannot offer our medical insurance / Medicare reimbursement services, we offer flat-rate up-front pricing. If you go to the largest company in this area, Clear Choice, you will attend a free consultation session where a ‘salesperson’ will diagnose you price you into an expensive treatment plan. Though treatment could be the same between two patients the treatment cost never is.

With Your Smile Choice, you will never meet a salesperson.

You will receive electronically the treatment options available and their associated costs so that you can share with friends and family in order to get the necessary feedback to make a big decision like this. You will have this in advance of meeting with the Your Smile Choice doctor. When you meet with a Your Smile Choice doctor you will be fully informed and ready to dive deeper into the differing benefits of each treatment plan. We will provide you all the necessary information to allow you to make the right decision.

When you make the decision to move forward we will be able to help you with supportive financial options. At Your Smile Choice we want your every experience with us to be painless.

Additional Information

How will a dental implant benefit my oral health?
Dental implants will help you feel better about yourself; they allow you to eat, laugh and smile without reservations. With implants you will be pain and worry free.  Dental implants look, function, and feel like natural teeth.  Your dental health will no longer dictate how you live your life.  The space where you are missing a tooth serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and increases your risk of gum disease. You may think gum disease only affects your mouth, but poor oral health and gum disease affect your entire body.  This may increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, or diabetes. Filling the missing space with a dental implant may help prevent gum disease and keep both you and your body healthy.

What happens if a missing tooth is not replaced?
When a tooth is lost and not replaced, people may experience difficulty chewing foods, and their jawbone will deteriorate faster, increasing the risk of decay and gum disease and losing neighboring teeth. The remaining teeth may shift, causing bite problems, and the facial skin may sag and create an uneven smile.

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