Your Smile Choice
Pay for patients, not for promises

What is Your Smile Choice?

Every month, Your Smile Choice will give you new, pre-screened, financially pre-qualified patients from your area immediately ready for full arch restorative surgery. There are no entry fees, monthly charges or annual contracts.

Our belief is that you should only pay for patients, and not for empty promises. Many similar systems promise to get you patients – some do and some don’t. Those that do provide potential patients care rarely on the quality of the lead they’re providing. This leaves you and your team spending time on:

  • Identify the readiness of the potential patient – This is difficult as it typically falls outside the skillset of the typical dental office staff. Specialized skillsets are needed to educate and adjuicate on the readiness of a potential patient.
  • Financial readiness of the potential patient – a potential patient maybe keen for the surgery but cannot afford it. This means more wasted time on the part of your practice. Identifying this up front can provide huge time savings.
  • Closing the potential patient sale – the approaches necessary for significant sales like these differ greatly from more normal sale closes due to the inherent complexity and relative high dollar amounts. Without the right type of training success rates can be near zero.

By becoming a partner in the Your Smile Choice you gain teams of people working on your behalf:

Your Smile Choice

1. You get a proven marketing team with experience marketing for 100+ dental practices.

proven marketing team
  • You will benefit from Your Smile Choice marketing campaigns, through focused full-arch lead generation in your area.
  • Utilizing proven marketing strategies and channel-optimized approaches Your Smile Choice will generate qualified patient leads.
  • You will have full real-time visibility into this patient lead pipeline through a fully automated marketing portal.
  • Accessible via a computer and/or mobile, this platform will personalize the lead nurturing process through patient-focused emails, text messaging and phone calls.
  • All of this information is captured and used to continually refine the Your Smile Choice communicative process to enhance future patient lead generation success in your area.

2. You get a call center staffed with Your Smile Choice trained professionals focused on lead nurturing and education.

  • You will benefit from a dedicated national call center, fully staffed with Your Smile Choice trained representatives, identifying and fast-tracking your hottest leads, while educating and nurturing all others through the restoration decision-making pipeline.
  • You will see your leads as they move through the automated workflow and reach the level of curiosity that only a trained professional can help with.
  • All email communications, phone communications and text communications coming from our call center staff is recorded in order to continually fine-tune our patient communication process as well as our patient education approach.
Call Center

3. You get financial experts pre-qualifying your hottest leads.

financial experts
  • You will experience the ease of Your Smile Choice handling all aspects of the financial pre-qualification process through our strong relationship with many of the largest financial players in the country.
  • Once financial qualification is achieved, patient appointments will be made directly into your office calendar, upon request, simplifying the logistics of patient hand-off and coordination.
  • You don’t have to do anything but check your calendar.

4. You get success coaches for dental staff focused on educating and
enhancing the patient management experience.

  • Your office staff will receive one-on-one success coaching, bringing the most proven patient relationship methodologies to your practice.
  • This will ensure a seamless patient hand-off from Your Smile Choice representatives to your fully trained staff.
  • We will call before the patient arrives summarizing the case with you or your office team.
success coaches

5. You get a team of dental professionals with thousands of
CHROME GuidedSMILE case experience.

team of dental professionals
  • You will utilize the most dependable, versatile, fully guided, digital full-arch service on the market – CHROME GuidedSMILE.
  • The patient case is digitally planned by expert CHROME Guided-
    SMILE dental professionals, and presented to you for approval.
  • You will have full visibility and confidence in how your case is planned for day of surgery.
  • Chair-side support is offered for day of surgery.

You get a Network of KOL’s, leaders, peer networks, and a wealth of support experts and educational resources.

  • You will have access to a national support network of Your Smile Choice
    doctors for peer education
  • Access to experienced CHROME GuidedSMILE dental technicians for case planning purposes; and access to reduced material costs through network-wide group purchasing.
  • Your Smile Choice offers a complete full-arch training into CHROME protocols for effective surgical and restoration implementation.
etwork of KOL’s, leaders, peer networks

The surgical components of Your Smile Choice – CHROME GuidedSMILE

Pin Guide

  • It sets the stage of the whole surgery and ensures that the surgery starts accurately.
  • It’s only purpose is to deliver the Fixation Base and maintain its position while the fixation pins are set

NOW BILLING major MEDICAL INSURANCE / MEDICARE for medically necessary oral surgery.