Patient Exam Packet Checklist

As a part of the conversion process, Your Smile Choice provides your office with a customized informational packet to give prospective patients during their first exam. This patient-forward packet introduces Your Smile Choice, our technology, the evaluation process, as well as doctor information and patient testimonials unique to your practice.

Patient Exam Packet Checklist

Doctor Information

Dr. Biography
Please summarize your experience in dentistry, education, accreditations, community involvement, and/or accomplishments you or your practice have achieved. Optionally, you may briefly describe what a patient may expect from you/your office when receiving treatment. Average biography length is 250 words, and less than 300 words is highly recommended.

Dr. Photo
Please upload your highest quality professional head shot. If unsure of image quality, you may submit multiple images for our team to review.

Dr. Quote
Optionally, you may provide a personal quote to accompany your biography and photo. This may be a mission statement, a call to action, words of encouragement, or simply a welcome message. Average quote length is 30 words, and less than 50 words is highly recommended.

Patient Testimonials

Please provide a minimum of 4 real patient testimonials from your practice. Testimonials do not need to be specific to full arch/implant treatments. We recommend choosing testimonials that may appeal to both logically and emotionally driven decision makers. Testimonial length may range anywhere from 25 words to 250 words – We will accommodate.


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