What We Bring To The Table


YSC offers cutting edge technology with A multi-disciplinary team of experts that will all be focused on your distinguishing features creating your one of a kind smile solution. Every patient is unique, no two smiles are alike. YSC believes in delivering you the most accurate and precise final product.

YSC Doctor – Records Gathering
At YSC We use a CT scan and 3-D imaging software to assess your unique bone structure and anatomy. This will identify the best sites for dental implant placement while avoiding vital structures like the sinus and nerves. We will take into consideration your individual features such as the size of your mouth, the shape of your face, your bite and leave nothing to guesswork

Case Planning
The YSC team will create the perfect plan based on the information the YSC doctor gathers in the records appointment. The same records are used throughout the process to ensure that you are always present in our design

Component Creation
The surgical guide is made of precision crafted metal components that direct the implant placement. This cutting-edge computer-generated design is based on your individual patient records and increases the stability and accuracy of your implants. Every component is specifically selected for your case and is the best choice to fit you.

Manufacture QC
Everything gets checked by Quality Control in the dental laboratory that manufactures your smile, nothing is assumed. If for any reason it is not 100% correct, we immediately remedy it.

YSC Doctor QC
The YSC doctor will receive your case several days before your surgery and will has final say. We leave nothing to chance.

Day of Surgery
The YSC team will be with you the entire day. This includes the YSC DDS and their highly trained team, and may include a representative from the dental implant company, along with a skilled dental lab technician that will ensure the successful delivery of your new smile.



  • Takes the records
  • Approved the plan and your new smile
  • Delivers your new smile

Dental Hygienist:

  • Educate you on how to care for your new smile
  • Maintenance of your new smile every 4-6 months

Materials Scientist:

  • Develops the best most natural material to make your new teeth
  • Develops the strongest long lasting materials for the support structures of your new smile
  • Provides biocompatible materials for dental use

Computer Designers:

  • Designed the programs that can interpret your jaw and anatomy
  • Designed the capability to manipulate where your implants should align in your jaw avoiding any important anatomy such as your sinuses, or nerves.
  • Developed programs that allow for creation of your new smile

Dental Lab Technicians:

  • Tailor your new smile the day of surgery
  • Adjust your bite assuring you leave with teeth that function
  • Create and set your final new smile

3D printing engineers:

  • Utilizes the programs that make the guides for your implants
  • Utilizes the computer designers plan and creates your smile


  • Works with your dentist and Dental Lab Technicians on the surgical plan
  • Will preform the surgery and place your implants
  • Will work with your dental team in delivering you your new smile

Quality control:

  • Checks each product each step of the way

Financial Experts (including Medicare and Insurance):

  • Focuses on solutions for financial payment
  • YSC team will bill your Medical Insurance and or Medicare for all medically necessary oral surgery.
  • Will work with 3rd party lenders and create a financial plan

YSC patient advocate:

  • Your initial contact beginning the exciting journey to your new smile
  • Will be there along the way to answer any questions
  • Will aid in coordinating your initial visit to the Dentist

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