The Price of Dental Implants

Your Smile Choice is what you, and people like you, have been crying out for. Have you looked at yourself and asked yourself “How can I afford fixing my smile? How can I be confident that what I get is worth the investment? How can I be certain I’m making the right decision?” Your Smile Choice is the simple answer to all three of these questions.

Your CostHow much will I have to pay for dental surgery? Your Smile Choice will help.

Your Smile Choice knows that affording your new smile is a major stopping point for many patients. We get it. There are two major factors that impact your ability to afford a new smile

  • How much does it cost to have a new smile?
  • How much you have to cover?

How much does it cost to have a new smile? Yeah, that’s important!

It’s essential to understand who is going to do the oral surgery work for you. Different companies have different business approaches, resulting in different cost pressures, and they all impact their smile solution’s affordability. The majority of the national chains who fix teeth ask patients to pay out-of-pocket for their overly expensive procedures (you know who we are talking about – you’ve done the research). It really isn’t their fault – they have huge financial burdens (e.g. thousands of staff, countless buildings nationwide, aging equipment needing replaced, etc.), and overly hungry investors looking for increasing profits every quarter. They pass their costs to you and you get charged a huge amount. Sound familiar?

Your Smile Choice is a tight network of dental experts spanning the US – they are the cream of the dental profession. They are carefully selected, highly vetted and geographically specific. Unlike the national companies, they are from your area and understand the cost of living pressures that exist. They are technologically savvy and digitally connected, all in the spirit to minimizing patient case costs. By being operationally efficient, pro-technology, and overall cost conscious, Your Smile Choice passes these savings to you so that we can offer you an exceptional patient experience at an affordable price.

This is only half the battle.

So you use highly skilled doctors and technology to be efficient in order to reduce my cost. How much will I have to pay?

As I am sure you have read everywhere else online, the patient case cost is uniquely specific to that patient. We all have a unique situation that requires a personalized solution. At this stage of the process we do not know what you need. Any company that says they can give you a total price at this stage is giving you either a real high price to cover all costs (they then make more profit off you when you fall short of their extreme pricing) or they are giving you a lower price so that they can nickel and dime you to where they need you to be.

Your Smile Choice is neither of these types of companies.

We have figured out a third way that is truly beneficial for you. We have a unique, highly structured process to minimize your financial responsibility by exploring the nuances of the insurances you already have. You are already paying/have paid into medical insurance/Medicare – make them work for you when you need it most. What’s even better is that there is ZERO commitment from you to go through this process and to have us detail out the savings we have found – 100% financial transparency. Let me explain the Your Smile Choice approach.



Assessment for medical necessity
As a part of the smile diagnosis/case evaluation process we will review your situation through the lens of medical necessity. Our Your Smile Choice doctors will do a comprehensive head and neck exam and review your medical history with you. This important information allows us to utilize a custom-built artificial intelligence program that accurately and honestly diagnoses your current situation (another great example of advanced technology at work.) If your situation is determined to be medically necessary, then we submit that part of your complete case cost to your medical insurance and/or Medicare. In some patient situations the SIGNIFICANT PORTION OF THE CASE COST can be covered.



Dental insurance, please step up
At this stage we evaluate what is left to be covered once we know what the medical insurance will cover. Now we take what’s left and run it against your dental insurance to assess what they will cover. Our Your Smile Choice staff have individually decades of experience in this area and will hunt out every saving that can be found. The more we find for you the better it is for all.



What’s left to over is your responsibility
This is typically all other companies start their financial assistance to patients. They want to invest the least amount of effort to get the most amount of gain and while having the patient take responsibility of 100% of the case cost (remember those hungry investors wanting increasing profits?) After we have assessed the medical insurance/Medicare reimbursement, understand the coverage levels of your dental insurance, we will be able to calculate out what is left over that you are responsible for. We have negotiated with some of the largest financing companies in the country in order to offer you excellent rates. You can, if you choose to not do this, finance the rest whatever way you would like. We would be delighted to help you through all of this.

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